Multisport tours have never been this good!

If you are looking for a warm weather sports resort ideally suited to cater for more than one sports discipline we have several venues that might be of interest to you. Many schools don’t want to limit their school sports tour to just one sport, or do but are struggling to get the numbers they need.

 If you are in this situation why not consider a school multisport tour where several sports disciplines can benefit from superior training conditions and enjoy a memorable sports tour altogether in a great environment.

Multisport Tours also have the benefit of keeping costs down as it enables your school to travel with larger numbers of tourists making the costs per head lower (ex: busses transportation).


Sports Ventures can organize a school sports tours that are for multiple age groups as well as for more than one sport, helping you create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone travelling.


Our fun filled itineraries guarantee that when your team is not playing or training you will have the opportunity to experiment some of the most exciting group activities available at your local destination.

One StopShopping

Air tickets, hotel reservations, ground transportation, meals, pre/after match meals, matches arrangements with local teams, masterclasses with pro coaches, community services, cultural excursions, adventure activities, tour assistance 24/7.


Our unparalleled knowledge and experience with different sports disciplines means we can provide you with a perfect multisport tour experience better than anyone else.