Portugal boasts an impressive list of world class athletes in many sports disciplines including some of the best footballers in the world (Ronaldo, Figo both already voted FIFA player of the year).
Besides football/soccer other popular sports in the country include athletics (track & field), sailing, surfing, judo, volleyball, handball, futsal as well as some fast emerging sports such as rugby, basketball and tennis.
Recently (2019) voted by World Tourism Organization as the World’s Leading City Break (Lisbon) and Beach (Algarve) Destination.
One of the safest countries around to visit ranked 3th in the GLOBAL PEACE INDEX 2020 only behind Iceland and New Zealand.
Portugal is also a sun kissed destination with more sunshine than Madrid, Rome or Athens — yet while all these sweat through the Mediterranean summer, there’s usually a breeze blowing off the Atlantic to give Portugal natural air-conditioning.
Due to it bordering the Atlantic Ocean, is home to a selection of beautiful sandy beaches along its coast. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side, with an array of beaches suitable for water sports like surfing and sailing.
Portugal is a vibrant combination of old and new where cosmopolitan atmosphere mixes with memories of other times when this country was the starting point to many sea glorious expeditions.
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