Sadio Mané: Made in Senegal

As the world is combating the coronavirus pandemic in self-quarantine and through social distancing, and our sports and football tours are put on hold, Sports Ventures has decided to compile a list of documentaries, films and/or stories about legends of the sport available that are well worth watching and/or reading.

Today we suggest you watch the recently produced – by Vertical Social Club – documentary on the life of Sadio Mané, one of the best football players around but more importantly one of the nicest human beings to grace the world of football in recent times. The Senegalese winger is known for his footballing exploits, yet, in his homeland, he’s so much more…

In a new documentary for Rakuten TV, ‘Sadio Mane: Made In Senegal‘ details the life of the talismanic attacker, for birth to balling in Bootle. What’s immediately striking is the sheer volume of work Mané is doing in his homeland in order to ensure people have a better way of life. There’s one scene when Mané is at a school he paid to construct in Bambali, his home village. People gather on the courtyard below him, hanging on his every word. Mane expresses that “education is the priority of this generation,” before adding that people “should be in good health before going to work”.

Health is constantly in the conscious of Mané, with his father dying when Sadio was just seven. His father died of heart pains, and due to the lack of a health centre in the village, he died without medical attention. Mané is currently funding the construction of a hospital, in the hope that no one else ends up dying in the same vein as his father. Also, so that women have a safe place to give birth, as Mané recalls seeing his sister born in the family home.

These kind of gestures showcase the kind of man Mané is, with only 28 years of age with the footballing world at his feet, yet with a scope for greater things.The documentary was produced for Rakuten TV, and is available for free. All you have to do is register for the service with your email and, provided you don’t like ads, you can watch the journey unfold before you.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful story of Sadio Mané as much we did.

Chapter #2: “Sadio mane: Made in Senegal”, Produced by Vertical Social Club, available on Rakuten.

Click here to watch the documentary in full.


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