South America – a continent of contrasts. Amazon rainforest and dense jungles, the spectacular Andes, sophisticated cities like Buenos Aires and Santiago, ancient cultures like the Incas, colonial history or the stunning scenery like the Foz do Iguaçu falls.
Combine the natural beauty with the warmth of its people and rich sports culture, South America presents one of the best destinations for your next sports tour.
Amazing landscapes and climates, you will discover in this continent endless experiences, in contact with the nature, the culture and the sports.
The magic of our sports tour programs in South America is the result of our local knowledge, careful selection of destinations, meticulous planning and dedicated work.
Our goal is to meet the needs of each sports group and advising on the ideal locations and time of year to travel to each specific sport.
We combine the destinations that offer the best sports opportunities, the incomparable hospitality of the local teams, with the most incredible places, creating a fun and unforgettable travel experience!
Sports Ventures has been organizing sports tours to South America in the following sports:
Rugby | Football (soccer) | Field Hockey | Basketball | Volleyball | Netball.