With a population of only 10 million people it boasts an impressive list of successful athletes in many different sports disciplines including some of the best footballers in the world (Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Figo both already voted FIFA player of the year in several occasions). Other popular and successful sports in the country include athletics (track & field), sailing, surfing, judo, volleyball, handball, futsal as well as some fast emerging sports such as rugby, basketball and tennis.

It is easy to understand why Portugal is one of most popular sporting destinations at the moment. Recently (2017) voted by World Tourism Organization as the World’s Leading City Break (Lisbon) and Beach (Algarve) Destination, the country is one of the safest around to visit ranked 4th in the GLOBAL PEACE INDEX 2018 only behind Iceland, New Zealand and Austria.


Portugal is also a sun kissed destination with more sunshine than Madrid, Rome or Athens — yet while all these sweat through the Mediterranean summer, there’s usually a breeze blowing off the Atlantic to give Portugal natural air-conditioning. Due to it bordering the Atlantic Ocean, is home to a selection of beautiful sandy beaches along it´s coast. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side, with an array of beaches suitable for water sports like surfing and sailing.

Portugal is a vibrant combination of old and new where cosmopolitan atmosphere mixes with memories of other times when this country was the starting point to many sea glorious expeditions.

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Spain is one of strongest sporting nations around the world and you can find pretty much any sport played in this beautiful country. A must-do in Spain for all sports tours that we organize is the behind the scenes guided visit of the Santiago Bernabéu tour in Madrid or the Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona – the homes of two of Europe’s most successful professional football teams.


Visiting Spain will offer an eye-opening experience for any young players of any sport, as they encounter different lifestyles and languages.

Enhance your sports tour with your choices of cultural tour additions, such as the Sagrada Familia, Museu Picasso, Prado Museum, or excursions to beautiful Montserrat or the famed Mesquita of Cordoba.

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Italy has a long tradition in sports in general. In many sports, both individual and team oriented, Italy has a great reputation having achieved a lot of success in the past. Football (Soccer) aka “Calcio” is of course is the most popular sport in Italy where Italy is second only after Brazil as the most successful football team in World Cup history.


Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby are the next most popular/played team sports, with Italy having a rich tradition in all of them. Italy is therefore a dream sports tour destination for the many sports disciplines offering not only the most beautiful and picturesque scenery but also great competition for your sports team.

Tour historic attractions such as the Coliseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain or the Spanish Steps. In Milan, tour San Siro Stadium, and visit Juventus Stadium and Museum in Turin. There is no shortage of extra-curricular activities in Italy, a true haven of culture and history. View priceless works of art in Florence, the birthplace of the renaissance; or visit the unique floating city of Venice. Outside of the major cities you can enjoy beautiful medieval hilltop villages and farmlands.