Tennis tours have never been this good!

We have specialized in providing school & college tennis teams ideal facilities and coaching tuition to help your players improving their level of play. We have several sample tennis tours itineraries that we have used in the past however each group is different and therefore should be dealt differently.

Our tennis tours programs are made to measure the number of nights you want to stay abroad and the coaching hours required per day you wish to include. Our tennis tours programs have great flexibility allowing you to choose your type of program (own coaching or master class with local professional tennis coaches), nº of nights, nº of tennis sessions and leisure activities you wish to attend to make sure your next tennis tour is an unforgettable experience.

Our most popular tennis destination is Portugal!

Tennis Tuition

Own coaching or masterclasses with local professional tennis coaches. It is completely up to you to choose the type of program you wish to book.


Our fun filled itineraries guarantee that when your team is not playing or training you will have the opportunity to experiment some of the most exciting group activities available at your local destination.

One StopShopping

Air tickets, hotel reservations, ground transportation, meals, matches arrangements with local teams, masterclasses with pro coaches, community services, cultural excursions, adventure activities, tour assistance 24/7.


Most of our tennis tours programs are based in tennis facilities and resorts in Portugal where you will be blessed with almost year round sunshine whether it is in the Algarve or in the beautiful city of Lisbon.