The Last Dance - The untold story of M. Jordan

As the world is combating the corona virus pandemic in self-quarantine and through social distancing, and our sports tours and sports tournaments are put on hold, Sports Ventures has decided to compile a list of documentaries, films and/or stories about legends of the sport available that are well worth watching and/or reading.

Today we suggest to you the film produced by ESPN Films, The Last Dance, a 2020 must-see sports documentary miniseries focusing on the Chicage Bulls. The series features film from a crew that had an all-access pass to the Bulls during the NBA season. Very recently released, this new 10-part series has been hotly anticipated because, although it focuses on the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 season primarily, it also gives more in-depth information on the career of basketball’s most famous player than has ever been seen before. Michael Jordan was always notoriously tight-lipped during his career but this series shows plenty of never-seen-before footage while also speaking to former coaches and teammates. Indeed it reveals so much, whether good or bad, that Jordan himself has said he’s worried the documentary could make him look like “a horrible guy”.

 Chapter #4: “The Last Dance, produced by Michael Tollin ESPN Films, available on Netflix.


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