Up to date with the world around me 

As the world continues to assimilate the ever-changing landscape of International travel, we at Sports Ventures, have created our “Up to Date with the World Around Me” news.
Sports Ventures administers team travel and event management services for an array of sport disciplines looking to tour internationally.  Distinct to other agencies, our global reach with offices in Portugal, Spain, South Africa and the United States, allows us to seamlessly provide a diverse portfolio of destinations, with peerless service, at preeminent value.

Periodically, we will highlight some of the most desirable travel destinations in the world, one country at a time, in order to provide you with a rolodex of prospective options for your next International tour. A snapshot of the country’s history, most desired cities, must see sites, travel updates, food scene and much, much more.

Be sure to check out our Instagram page, as we will be creating photo carousels that coincide with our “Up to Date with the World Around Me” newsletters.

Now to the “The Crown Jewel of the Adriatic” …
From ancient, cobbled streets, to the mesmerizing turquoise of the Adriatic, to world-class UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Croatia has a charm that appeals to every imaginable type of traveler. Whether its medieval hilltop hamlets overlooking olive groves and nearby forests, its host of gorgeous beaches, picturesque parks or delicious food, there are undoubtedly plenty of memorable things to do in Croatia.